Coffee - The Turkish Deli 2014

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So what is Turkish Coffee?
Unfiltered finely ground coffee cooked slowly from cold in a cezve, served with water and Turkish Delight.
So what is Pistachio Coffee?
Also known as Menengic Kahvesi, it is made from a form of Pistachio that has been roasted to exude its oil, which is then pound into a paste. It is mixed with milk, and/or sugar and made like Turkish Coffee. It is a very traditional drink from the south east of Turkey.

Turkish Coffee, Pistachio Coffee and cezve will be available online soon

Legend says that Turkish Coffee was left at the gates of Vienna by the retreating Ottoman Army, as a form of civilisation for the West, hence the modern variants were developed. The Ottomans developed a large Turkish Coffee Cafe culture during their reign, and it went through a series of prohibtions, as it was perceived to be a 'lazy mans' drink, because the workers were spendiing too much time drinking coffee instead of working. During the First World War there became a shortage of Turkish Coffee due to the Allies cutting off the African supply lines. This created a switch from Coffee to Tea as the main hot beverage within Turkey, utilising the large tea plantations on the Black Sea. To this day Tea has remained the favoured hot drink in Turkey, though one of the reasons behind this is possibly due to coffee being exceedingly more expensive than tea. Recently, Turkish Coffee has seen a little bit of a revival in Istanbul, partly due to the availability of automatic Turkish Coffee machines, however the quality of coffee they produce is far inferior to that of a cezve.

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